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About our Shanghai Water Show

by Aug 17, 2020

Currently,the usual disinfection methods is use chemical disinfectants or high temperature disinfection,but there are defects in such disinfection ways more or less.For example,high temperature sterilization wastes time and high ene- rgy consumption, the effect for heat resistant bacteria is not ideal;calcium hypochlorite disinfection affects the human body health,residual will damage the environment.


Acidic ionized water with high ORP(≥1100mv),low pH(<2.7),and low conce- ntration active chlorine(25~50mg/L), can be used for washing hands, the skin mucous membrane, injured, dialysis machine, endoscopic and tableware disinfection.

Acidic ionized water disinfection has features of quick and wide, no resistance, no residues, safe and easy degradation, which has been included in the ministry of health "disinfection technical specifications" (2002).High efficiency and environ- mental protection of acidic ionized water is expected to replace the traditional disinfectants, which is a new generation of disinfection products.

Jeudao can provide a complete set of acidic ionized water equipment and relevant application technology of the solution for hospitals、hotels、restaurants、tableware disinfection centers and food processing enterprise,etc.

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