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Name Strong alkaline acid water ionizer   Qualification CE ROHS FDA
Model A725   Out case ABS Silver white UV
Main Machine Size L W H 270*170*340mm   Package dimensions 325*255*475mm
Inner filter YES   Weight NW 3.6kg / GW 4.4kg
Electrode plate Titanium platinum   Electrode plate  7
Power supply AC220-224V   Power 220W
Water out put(max) 2-4L/min   Water temperature 5~40℃
Water pressure 0.2~0.3MPa   Alkaline level 3
Acidic level 2   pH Range 2.5-11.5
(Strong) Acid level PH value <2.7   (Strong) Alkaline level PH value >10.0
ORP(Mv) +500 ~-450   Voice prompt Optional
Self-clean function Yes   Inner filter Service Life 2000L
working hour
60min   Mandatory 
cleaning function
1. According customer need to add the quantitative salt and water equipment
2. This machine has the ability to produce five kinds of water: strong acidic water,
strong Alkaline water, Alkaline water, beauty water and Neutral water.
3. Generate strong acidic water (strongly Alkaline water),
add electrolytic promotion liquid (sodium chloride) to the addition cylinder.
1. Using Jeudao electrolytic cell, through FDA and ROHS test;
2. Titanium platinum electrode plate developed by Jeudao, the life time is longer than national stander and 
peer level;
3. Strong electrolysis, meet the global water different condition;
4. Ionic membrane imported from Japan, strong resistant ability of acid and alkaline, long life;
5. Constant pH value output technology;
6. Intelligent control system, ease of use;
7. Automatic double cleaning technology;