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Farming is a matter of national health,but there are several major issues in farming at the moment:
1. Plant diseases and insect pests of crops growing;
2. More and more pesticide residues in agricultural products,that could seriously affect human health;
3. Crop pest resistance is tronger, pesticides is rising;
4. Pesticides do severe pollution on land and water,affect the safety of agricul- tural products;
5. Fertilizer usage make land alkalify,which can affect the production;
6. Pesticide has specificity to the diseases and pests, for a variety of diseases
and insect pests, need to use a variety of
pesticides, that will increase pesticide pollution.
Jeudao provides ionized water equipment and its solution for organic farm,effective insecticidal,instead of pesticides,and improves food safety.

Advantages of ionizer water:
1. Ionizer acidic water has effective insecticidal sterilization effect, it has been
used in organic farm in Japan, pesticide can be completely replaced;
2. Ionizer acidic water has widely effect in the insecticidal sterilization;
3. Safe and non-toxic, to achieve organic cultivation;
4. No bad effect on crop growth;
5. Alkaline land can be improved and rotation,is conducive to increase
6. Kill the bacteria in the soil, to overcome the continuous cropping obstacles;
7. Can promote the seed germination rate.