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Compared with the self-employed, professional farms of intensive production, can improve the efficiency of breeding, but increased the chance of animals infected with bacteria or virus disease at the same time. Constantly bird flu, swine flu is a very typical case in recent years. Therefore, breeding of disinfe- ction work is particularly important.

Using chemical disinfectants can antivirus, but there are some problems of serious disinfectant residual, disinfectant affect livestock healthiest.

Jeudao ionizer water for breeding industry,can provide security for poultry, livestock, fisheries, with high efficiency and environmental disinfection method,to achieve organic farming.Large breeding special ionized water machine of Jeudao can meet the needs of the farms.

Advantages of Jeudao ionizer water plan:
1. The sterilization effect is remarkable of strong acidic ionizer water,and kill
bacteria widely.
2. Strong acidic ionizer water can be widely used,such as disinfection of lives-
tock and poultry shed,the disinfection of fishing pool,and the staff hand
3. Ionizer water disinfection has higher security,no bad for human,livestock
and poultry fish,and environmental pollution-free.
4. Weak alkaline ionizer water can be used to wash skins of animals,which
can prevent and control animal skin diseases,and with good presentation.
5. Can be used for slaughterhouse disinfection
6. Can be used for animal waste without harmless treatment
7. Use alkaline ionizer water to feed livestock and poultry,can improve animal health, promote growth and increase     production.