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Hypochlorous acid water
  • Strong bactericidal capacity
  • Nontoxic by acute oral toxicity test
  • No residue to the environment
  • 99.99%+ remove bacteria,Low concentration of chlorine, no irritation
  • PH value:5.0-6.5
  • Available chlorine:10~60mg/L

killing microorganism category

  • To escherichia coli,staphylococcus albicans,staphylococcus aureus,Candida Albicans has the killing effect
  • Ti H1N1 influenza virus,poliovirus has inactivated

Scope of use

Tableware , surface of the object , fabric , air disinfection , hands , skin and mucous membrane fruits and vegetables


  • Tableware , general object surface , fabric , fruits and vegetables disinfection : Remove surfacegreasy dirt first , use it to spray directly , Wipe or soak on the item , Effect time after 10 minutes
  • Air disinfection : It will be evenly sprayed in the air , 10ml spray per cubic meter of enclosedspace , Effect time after 40 minutes
  • Hand disinfection : Spray it evenly on the hand , Effect time after 1 minutes


Organic pollutants on the surface of an object can affect its bactericidal effect , Clean the oibefore spray

Suitable for human body , safer

JEUDAO hypochlorous acid water using pure water , chlorine ion electrolysis
low chlorine no stimulation

* Chlorine disinfection generates chloroform ( carcinogens ) in alkaline or neutral environmentsbut does not form chloroform under acidic conditions



Acid oxidized potential water ( AEOW ) is a pure water source ( with NaCl ) , using electrolysis technology to turn ordinary aquatic water into acid water with sterilization function In the technical specification for disinfection , it is clearly stipulated that acidic oxidized potential water ( AEOW ) can be used for endoscopy , hand , environment , food , liver disease infection control and other purposes

Compared with chlorine or other disinfectants , AEOW can kill bacteria 10 times faster , which is suitable for occasions requiring rapid disinfection Compared with pure acid and chlorine-containing disinfectants , AEOW can kill more bacteria and has a wider application range . After AEOW disinfection , it will be reduced to ordinary water by itself , which has no pollution to water , soil and atmosphere , and has no impact on crops when used for planting

Acid oxidation potential water ( AEOW ) is a new sterilization technology , The raw material is only water and sodium chloride . It produce disinfectant among them the content of available chlorine is only about 50 mg / L , compared to other chlorine disinfectants at more than 200 mg / L , acid oxidation potential water very safe environmental protection . At the same time , its bactericidal effect has reached the high level of bactericidal effect in the national disinfection standard , which can kill bacteria , fungi and all kinds of viruses , and it does not have any by-products . The state has strict and compulsory standard GB28234-2011 for acid oxidizing potential water , and has made detailed specification for bactericidal index :

The requirement of acid oxidation potential water to kill microorganism

  • pH : 2.0-3.0
  • ORP : = 1100mv
  • Available chlorine : 50-70mg/L

Features : high level sterilization , no pollution , no residue

Using range

Acid oxidation potential water can be used for endoscope , hand , environment , food , liver infection
control and other purposes
Environmental spray : home , hospital , restaurant , hotel and other public places

Hypochlorous acid water generator
Multi-function emergency hygiene and hypochlorousacid water and drinking water platform


Emergency of drinking water and acid oxidation potential water disinfectant water device is installed in a 40-foot container with all-in-one Settings . Raw water is municipal tap water or nature water , which can produce potable water through pre-filtration and reverse osmosis technology . Meanwhile , sodium chloride solution in salt tank can be extracted by metering pump to generate acid oxidation potential water .

Advantages :

  • This equipment can supply acid oxidation potential water to meet the requirements of high level sterilization , with the generating speed = 1000L / H and the output flow rate = 3000L/H
  • This set of equipment can provide drinking water for disaster victims , with the generation speed = 2000L/H and output flow rate = 5000L/H
  • The walls of the container are insulated with fireproof materials and equipped with cold and warm air conditioners , which can meet various application environments of high and low temperature
  • Fire door is set between equipment operation room and personnel operation room to isolate fire source and harmful gas and ensure the safety of operators
  • The container is equipped with pure water storage tank and disinfectant water storage tank , and there is no need to set up additional buffer storage . The water can be directly used . The container is equipped with diesel generator set
  • The whole system can be operated automatically without any person at work . The communication module is installed Inside the system

Scope of use :

It can produce large quantities of slightly acidic electrolytic water and bottle filling use . It can be used for environmental disinfection , air disinfection , public health , vehicle spray and other places with large amounts of use

Environmental disinfection

Ground disinfection : after clean the ground , wipe the ground 1-2 times with the mop that acid oxidize potential water eliminates poison Air disinfection : acid oxidation potential water according to the amount of 10m / m , the use of aerosol spray disinfection