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Name Household water purifier   Model MG-01
Water flow rate 1~4L/min   Total amount of water 8000L(Replace filter element in the late)
The water pressure 0.1~0.3MPa   Size 320*85*410mm
Water temperature 5~40℃   Product certification Health drinking water products(2012) No. 0219
The water quality Municipal tap water   Installation Hidden under the cabinet/ install on the stage
Service life
3-4people, can use about 2 years
5-6people, can use about 1.5years
Purifying function
1. Filter sediment, rust, suspended solids,red worms, algae, bacteria and viruses,bacteria filter rate achieves 99.99%;
2. Strong adsorption in chlorine and organic matter,removal of color and odor,improve the taste.
3. Remove the heavy metal such as lead,mercury and cadmium in water.
Product features
1. Ultrafiltration membrane is the third generation of dry film, which can be used for blood dialysis water filtration,
the safety, stability is good.
2. Bacteriostatic structure has solve the problem of secondary pollution.
3. Coconut shell activated carbon is imported from Europe,the adsorption capacity is much better than other
activated carbon,iodine adsorption value is higher than 1100mg/g;
4. Carbon removal of heavy metals with SUBM technology,high efficiency filter of heavy metals in water;removal
rate can reached 95%when lead,mercury or cadmium exceeded 20 times,keeps the minerals in the water at
the same time.

silver activated carbon

Tap water flow after silver charcoal first,which
plays a role in removing residual chlorine,
antibacterial and self cleaning,protects the
ultrafiltration membrane and prevents the
secondary pollution.

②Food grade

Filter sediment, rust, suspended solids,coll-
oid,bacteria and viruses.

coconut shell

The water enters the second stage,absorb
the residual chlorine and organic pollutants,
promotes the taste.

④SUBM techn-
ology activated

After the previous filter,enters the third
stage,removes the heavy metal, the flow
water reaches the standard drink.

Jeudao used SUBM technology activated carbon,which can remove the heavy metal, residual chlorine and organic matter effectively. European coconut shell activated carbon hybrids with KDF powder,the pore diameter of carbon achieves 0.2-0.5 submicron ,make sure that each water molecule, harmful substances molecules fully contact the filter material,to realize high efficiency filtration.