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Name Acid disinfection machine   Model T31
Out put water PH ≤2.7(Adjustable)   Out put water ORP ≥1100mV
Out put water ORP 1000L/h   Power supply 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Rated power 3.0kW   Size 760mm*620mm*1080mm
Case material 304 Stainless steel   Out put flow rate ≥10000h
Electrode plate
Platinum--titanium alloy
(food grade)
  Acid and alkaline
2:1-1:2 Range adjustable
Modularized design, can increase the output water flow rate up to 2000L/H
Product Features
1. With using platinum-titanium alloy plates, JEUDAO high-quality electrolytic cell has a strong electrolytic
ability and long service life
2. Professional design for a large electrolyzer, large electrolytic area, can ensure that 1-2 tons/hour of ionic
acid water out.
3. The acidic water pH is 2.7 or less oxidation potential, and it is ORP 1100 mv, chlorine available 25 ~ 50mg/L.
Which meet the ministry of health "disinfection technical specifications" (2002) requirements;
4. Sterilization has widely, efficient and fast characteristics;
5. Automatic cleaning system, reduce scale;
6. 1.2 mm thickness of 304 stainless steel shell, never rust;
7. According to customer demand customized.