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Name Container pure water system   Model JD-T808/JD-T908
Pure Water yield 2000L/H(T808)   Power supply AC 220V 380V/50Hz
Water temperature 5~40℃   Output flow rate 5000L/H(T808)
Rate power 15kW   Pure water productivity ≥50%
1~40℃   Remote management function
water amount
With WiFi
Source water
TDS≤1500ppm   Output Pure water TDS≤10ppm

Container drinking water treatment is widely applicable to the purification of industrial and mining enterprises and urban and rural domestic water that use rivers, rivers, lakes, ponds, and surface water as drinking water sources. .
The water purification unit mainly adopts advanced technology according to the different water source and water quality. The daily water purification capacity of this container unit is from 120Tons / d .
Filtering system
The container-type drinking water treatment unit includes a system for removing suspended solids, pressure sand filtration and activated carbon filtration, and 5 or 10 micron precision filters.
Fresh water and drinking water are subsequently produced by the UF and RO systems. The quality of the produced water meets the WHO drinking water quality standards.
Purified function
① Remove the sediment and rust
② Remove viruses, colloid and suspended impurities
③ Remove chlorine, pesticide and heavy metal pollution